Neurospa & Massage


Worldwide patented, neurspa is the firts therapeutic relaxation apparl for reaching a complete physical ans mental wellness status. Also, several years of research discover the many positive impacts of music on the humain body. A few minutes away, music enters synergy with the nervous system and decreases your muscular tensions.





Neurospa card available :

5 minutes – quick relaxation

15 minutes – relaxation and stimulation

25 minutes – Energy

30 minutes – Sleep aid

4 sessions of 15 minutes – relaxation and stimulation

8 sessions of 15 minutes – relaxation and stimulation

4 sessions of 25 minutes – Energy


Access to a half-day relaxation center with the purchase of a Neurospa card.

Relaxation centers is open betwen 8 a.m. ans 10 p.m.


“Massage is a luxury that we can’t afford to miss.”

Need of relaxation? Need to pamper yourself? Reconcile body and mind, away from the stress, with our massages.

Our massage therapists will listen to your needs to adapt your massage and thus give the necessary time to each part of the body.

We offer 60-minutes or 80-minutes massage.

For more information or to make an appointment, contact us at (418)625-2101, extension 0.

*We suggest you to call in advance to ensure our massage therapists disponibilty.